“At the heart of Quoviz lies a dedicated team of solid professionals who believe in pushing their abilities to deliver quality and a beautiful web.”
  • Earl Rennie
    Earl RennieWeb Marketing Analyst / Team Leader

    Back in 2005, Earl built Quoviz from the ground up. A one man show has grown over the years to a thriving, growing business that has worked with large brands such as Ford, Mitsubishi and DirecTV. Earl drives the strategic vision and growth behind Quoviz to bring his novel blend of business acumen, technology prowess and commitment to relationships. He works to constantly ensure the delivery of exceptional experiences.

  • Evita Marshall
    Evita MarshallTraffic Manager

    Evita’s wide-ranging duties include: managing the office, creating executive reports and of course working closely with clients to ensure each project is completed on time and within budget. Evita’s outgoing and optimistic personality has been instilling hope in her clients for the past four years and allows them to feel confident in her. She balances an intense work ethic with a fun-loving personality that would make anyone smile.

  • Kyle Andrews
    Kyle AndrewsSoftware Engineer

    As Software Engineer at Quoviz, Kyle’s primary focus is on PHP Development and architecture but he also takes every free moment to dabble in new technologies and push their limits. He has worn numerous hats in the world of web development & programming, where there are many things he doesn’t do, some things he won’t do, but nothing he can’t do.

  • Daniel Russian
    Daniel RussianUI/UX Architect

    Daniel focuses on making amazing, unique concepts come to life through impactful digital experiences and well thought-out user interactions. He creates novel solutions with a distinctive visual appearance, and as a perfectionist, he never settles for less. He’s got an itch to learn more, an urge to improve his talents and a drive to create memorable work.

  • Amit Mendapara, BCA, MCA
    Amit Mendapara, BCA, MCAWeb Developer / Programmer

    Amit is an integral part of the production team at Quoviz where he helps create remarkable digital experiences that showcase the latest open source technologies. He has more than ten years and over 300 projects of experience under his belt. Amit is definitely one of the heavy hitters in this industry and the guy you want on your team when it just needs to be done right the first time.

  • Apoorva Pandya
    Apoorva PandyaSoftware Engineer

    Apoorva brings over 10 years of professional web development and custom programming experience, specializing in core PHP frameworks and content managements systems (custom and out-of-the-box). While he loves messing around with front-end HTML and javascript, he’s a definite geek for back-end functionality and making things work ‘behind the curtain’.

  • We Need More Awesome
    We Need More AwesomeVacancy

    Quoviz is a small agency so we don’t hire that many new team members. But we’re always on the lookout for awesome talent who’ll be a good fit. If you have a passion for web design, Internet marketing, social media or anything you find on our site feel free to contact us.