Our Process

Utilizing an Agile Development Environment allows our projects to be broken into several phases and delivered incrementally for client feedback & approval.

Exploration & Discovery – Questions after question…after question
This is the initial conversation or the kickoff meeting. We detail the project objectives and goals and discuss the options for moving forward. The result is a clear understanding of the expected functionality, style, media etc. This ensures we cover the full scope and helps with the timeline development.


Conception & Strategy – Populating the thought bubble
Our team lead works alongside the interaction designer and the senior developer to put together the wireframes and the task lists. From the imagery, branding, message, and functionality we put together the components for the foundation. This process ensures that we meet your objectives and milk the ROI.


Design / Development – Strategy meets design meets technology
Our interaction designers develop the creatives and the aesthetics. Then, work with the development team to turn the approved designs into web ready format. This is the stage where the general architecture (global navigation, css style sheets, scripts etc) for the homepage and the interior pages are created.

Once the general architecture is in place, we work with your team on the copy (text and images) that needs to populate each page until we get the “finished” look.


We comply to some very rigorous standards for QA (Quality Assurance). The web forms, links, scripts, styles and navigation are all tested to ensure they work as they should. Once we verify your site is functioning as intended and conforms to current design, development, and accessibility standards, we hand over to you for approval and sign off.


Delivery & Launch
Now this is the exciting part. Once everything is fully approved, this is where we launch the final product for all the world to see. This phase involves less process and more crackers and cocktails 😀


Post Launch Monitoring and Analysis
Our team will continuously check up on the success of your website. Success means different things to different clients, so we may use a variety of gauges and tools. If we find anything that could use a tweak (text updates, new links, new graphics etc.) we’ll get it revised quickly