Web Analytics & ROI

Measure all marketing initiatives, online and offline, to know what’s effective and what isn’t. Welcome to the world of having an unfair advantage over your competitors.

Ever wondered which of your newspaper or TV ads performs the best at bringing visitors to your hard hitting, power seller website?

Web Analytics is the process of analyzing, interpreting and utilizing real-time and accurate web statistics in unison with your business goals. Done right, it allows you to be more proactive and answer critical questions about the effectiveness of your website and online marketing initiatives, allowing you to quickly make decisions that increase internet roi.

We are dedicated to transforming your online channel into a business tool that supplies comprehensive, real-time and accurate data giving you the intelligence to make easier decisions, allow smarter marketing and provide a positive and measurable return on investment from your web initiatives.

Web Analytics Services include:

Attainment Strategy Enhancement

  • Targeted Email Campaign Analysis
  • Advertisement (offline and online) Analysis and Tracking
  • Optimization of Integrated Multi-Channel Marketing Strategy
  • Search Engine Optimization Assessment

Conversion Strategy Enhancement

  • Product Placement Analysis and Optimization
  • Navigational Analysis and Optimization
  • Content Effectiveness Analysis and Optimization

Marketing ROI Enhancement

  • Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) Analysis and Optimization
  • Cost per Conversion (CPC) Analysis and Optimization
  • Behavioural Marketing Analysis
  • Optimization of Market Segmentation

Retention Strategy Enhancement

  • Customer Loyalty Tracking and Enhancement
  • Optimization of Lifetime Value
  • Targeted Email Campaign Analysis and Optimization

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Development and Tracking

  • Browser Frequency
  • Bounce Rate
  • Session Depth
  • Conversion Rate
  • Traffic Acquisition
  • Transaction Cycle Time